4 Color Personality Test

The 4 color personality test results in 4 distinct personality types: red, blue, green and yellow.

There are 4 segments for each of these 4 colors: introversion/extroversion; intuition/sensing; thinking/feeling; judging/perceiving.

The 4 colors indicate 4 distinct personality types as such: Introvert (red), extrovert (blue), intuitive (green), sensing (yellow).

Intuitive people prefer to develop their own thoughts and ideas by looking inwardly beyond what is apparent or logical. Sensers, on the other hand, tend to trust information gained directly through the senses rather than hunches or theoretical ideas.

Thinking individuals make decisions based on the objective application of logic. Feeling, conversely, rely more on subjective criteria and personal values.

Judging people tend to be organized and decisive in their actions while perceiving individuals are frequently open-minded and undefinable.

4 color personality types

Below are the 4 color personality types: Red, Blue, Green and  Yellow.

Red Personality Type

The Red personality type is a dynamic, ambitious person. He or she has goals in life that most people can’t even comprehend. Because his or her objectives are so broad, it appears to be difficult to meet them. Reds keep going, pushing harder and giving up less frequently than other types. Their unshakable faith in their ability to master any challenge if they put their minds to it — if they just apply themselves diligently

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Yellow Personality Type

A Yellow personality type is a cheerful, hopeful person. He sees the glass as half full and can spot the silver lining in every storm with ease. Yellows are recognized for maintaining a positive attitude toward life and finding humor in even the most gloomy of situations. They’re also sociable creatures that enjoy being around others.

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Green Personality Type

A Green personality type is a peaceful, composed individual. He is generally quite introspective and interested in understanding himself and others. Greens are frequently very intuitive and have a strong sense of empathy. They’re normally good listeners and can be very perceptive. Greens are often the ones individuals come to for advice because they are good listeners.

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Blue Personality Type

A blue personality is someone who is highly sensitive and empathetic. He is frequently delicate and kind. Blues are typically excellent listeners who are non-judgmental. They may have difficulty making decisions due to their desire to ensure they’re doing the correct thing. Blues can be prone to passiveness, and they might struggle to assert themselves.

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4 Color Personality Test

This 4 color personality test is often used by employers to gauge how an individual will fit into a company’s culture before they hire them for work. This 4 color personality test cannot determine any future outcomes or lack thereof but it does help employers determine which team members will mesh well with others based on personality type.

The 4 color personality test is also known as the 4 animal personality test or 4 way personality test. It is a 4 color personality test because 4 colors are used in each of the 4 segments of the 4-color types.

These 4 colors can also be referred to as “animals” because each color type relates directly back to its corresponding animal: Introverts relate to Lions, Extroverts relate accordingly to Tigers, Intuitive people relate to Monkeys, and Karate Sensei’s (who are always sensing) relate appropriately to Dragons.

Although this 4 color personality theory has been around for some time now, both scientifically and popularly, it has evolved over time with theories on how exactly human personalities develop into one specific color or another. This 4 color personality theory was first conceptualized by some guy named Carl Jung who once stated that “colors are psychological states which reflect themselves directly in physiological conditions.”

And then 4 colors were assigned to 4 distinct types of people.

And then 4 color personality tests where made, the 4 color personality test being just one of many 4 color personality tests that are currently available.

This 4 color personality test has 4 results: Introverts (red), extroverts (blue), intuitive people (green), sensing people (yellow). The astrology signs Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini also have some correlation with this 4 color personality theory because they are all fire signs. Aries being “red” is self-explanatory; Leo is “yellow”; Gemini is “green”, and Sagittarius is “blue”.

Some psychologists believe that Carl Jung’s 4 colors theory on how human personalities develop may have also been influenced by 4 seasons. Autumns are introverts, winters are sensors, springs are intuitives, and summers are feeling types.

This 4 color personality test is one of many 4 color personality tests that have been used over the years to determine specific personality types. Although no 4 color personality test can determine all future outcomes or lack thereof, they do help employers determine which team members will mesh well with others based on personality type… it is up to each individual person to utilize this 4 color personality test information in a productive manner.

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